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Global Startup Weekend Sustainable Revolution

June 2019 - 54 hours to boost sustainable entrepreneurship around the world

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What is this edition about?

We are the Global Startup Weekend Sustainable Revolution, a global initiative led by volunteers in order to put sustainable development at the forefront of the world stage. Because environmental sustainability is one of the biggest challenges humanity is facing, it’s our duty to help entrepreneurs find the best solutions to overcome it.

This global edition took place on 2 weekends, on June 2019 in more than 50 cities. Now, a final round online is held where each local winner pitch its idea in a one minute video. The best projects elected by the public and our jury will get special prizes to help them launch their startups in real life!

You want to see what happened in June? Watch this video :)

The Final Global Competition

The public vote (now closed)

Here are the winning projects of all the local Startup Weekends Sustainable Revolution that occurred during June 2019.
The projects are ordered by number of votes, and the 20 projects with most votes from the public are now preselected to be evaluated by our Global Jury.

01. Argentina


Inverse Logistics

Inverse Logistics is an application that connects construction sites, large generators of waste metal, wood and plastic. With the companies that are looking for these products, and that give them usefull fate. Our propose is to guarantee the reinsertion of these materials in the productive process.

1747 votes

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02. Puerto Rico

San Juan


A project to cleanup and reduce the plastic on the ocean

1626 votes

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03. Mexico



Is the first rental service for reusable ecological diapers for babies and adults in Mexico; through a method of sanitization and sterilization, considering the Official Mexican Standards, thus ensuring the elimination of pathogens, delivered at home. Our plan is to convert organic waste in biogas.

1566 votes

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04. Algeria


Family Parc & Arts

Family Parc & Art, is an artistic and ecological parc that is a destination for families, artists and tourists. We valorize the solid wastes by creating physical games and artistic designs to reduce the amount of metallic rubbish to save the planet.

892 votes

Votes are closed

05. Brazil

São Carlos


Be.Benefits is a corporate benefit solution that not only fosters access to beauty and personal care products by offering discounts coupons for employees but also encourages and facilitates recycling of the waste produced by this market.

826 votes

Votes are closed

06. Brazil



We're Econtainer, a mobile unit of agricultural production for small and medium producers. You produce what you want, whenever you want!

736 votes

Votes are closed

07. Bolivia


Yaku Vida

Gray water recycling system through constructed wetlands in hotels, promoting water saving, providing added value to the hotel´s landscape and the opportunity of being recognized as eco-friendly

723 votes

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08. Bolivia

Santa Cruz


From the heart of South America, FOURMI is a socially responsible startup that produces healthy and sustainable food. Our enterprise contributes to the local circular economy by feeding Californian red worms with urban organic waste and by turning the meal made from them into nutritional bakery

684 votes

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09. Chile


Café Guariba

Café Guariba wants to expand and democratize agroforestry organic coffee. This delicious coffee is a scientifically proven and profitable solution to protect the environment and empower small-scale farmers. We want to save monkeys by connecting happy farmers with awaken coffee lovers.

673 votes

Votes are closed

10. Brazil


Xingu Recycling

Xingu Recycling proposes innovation in reducing the impacts of plastic waste on the environment, a points program, where people deliver the packages at collection points, accumulate discounts and these are used in local commerce. Save the planet, the Xingu River, Amazon, Brazil.

670 votes

Votes are closed

11. China


Guilt-Free Eating

Guilt-Free Eating aims to replace single use food delivery packaging and promote consumer awareness for less wasteful consumption. We create a packaging reuse scheme, engaging every stakeholder in the system. All stakeholders will gain their shared benefits by joining the reuse scheme, such as rewar...

670 votes

Votes are closed

12. Argentina


Go Energym

We transform your workout session into renewable energy

664 votes

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13. Nigeria


Leather It

Leather It is a green innovative company that up-cycles leather scraps into lifestyle products such as earrings and throw pillows. This startup was born out of the need for an efficient method of disposing leather waste in Aba other than the usual burning in open land fills.

654 votes

Votes are closed

14. Djibouti



My project is to valorise the marine discharges in Djibouti, notably the unknown algae. It will be more specifically a transformation of the red algae for nutritional purposes in the first place, that explain the name TRANS-ALGUE, then diversify into other areas such as cosmetics thereafter

642 votes

Votes are closed

15. France


Vert de mousse

Innovative building moss wrap for sustainable cities

632 votes

Votes are closed

16. Spain



We’re an Internet Startup with the goal to reduce global CO2 emissions from shipping generated by online shopping. We aim to achieve that in 3 stages: 1- raising awareness, 2- giving online customers a local and sustainable alternative, 3- building the world’s 1st zero-carbon online marketplace.

615 votes

Votes are closed

17. China



Foodito is an app that allows large supermarkets to list overstocked items on sell and informs customers of discounts in real time which helps reduce food waste. We're not just moving overstock items, we are educating supermarkets that will increase accountability and responsible decisions.

606 votes

Votes are closed

18. Australia


Tops Off

Tops Off is a community recycling hub that will collect plastics not currently recycled, such as bottle tops, chip, extrude and recycle them into high quality 3D printing filament. We will build a model that inspires community innovation with plastic waste that we will scale to other communities

596 votes

Votes are closed

19. France



LAO is a range of refillable shampoos with no compromise between health, beauty and the environment. Developped with hairdressers and consumers to ensure its quality. Distributed via a shampoo fountain in hairdressing salons and bulk stores. We work on every stage to reduce the environmental footprint of a product most people use several times a week

581 votes

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20. Mexico

Mexico City


Lía, an e-commerce that works with your local beauty producers to put into an eco-beauty box their personal care products. Once the user has an original container we provide the producer with a bioplastic bag that then will reach the customer, substituting plastic refill packages.

579 votes

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21. China

Hong Kong


A system that creates clean energy, enhances human health and promotes sustainability. Human Kinetic energy is converted into electricity, rewarding people for their efforts. Thereafter, they can purchase sustainable goods at discounted prices. Thus, creating a sustainable circular lifestyle.

578 votes

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22. Mexico


Ya ax Coin

Ya'ax coin is a cryptocurrency rewarded to those doing reciclyng activities, such as gathering PET bottles on our Smart boxes, the box is gonna connect to the smartphone of the user and add the cryptocurrency to their wallets, this is just one reciclying activity concept of many with ambition to imp

550 votes

Votes are closed

23. Mexico

San Luis Potosi


We are treenet and we plant trees in three clicks. 1. Choose the place 2. Pick the trees 3. Save the world. We organize reforestation campaigns that seek the survival of the trees to reach adulthood.

524 votes

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24. France



Measure & Reduce your digital pollution, starting with emails CO2 impact. Do you know that emails emit 410t C02/year? GreeNet application gives you full control of your CO2 impact, and reduce it in real time.

522 votes

Votes are closed

25. Switzerland



Sustainable Me is an eCommerce website dedicated to the best selection of environmentally sustainable FMCG products. It works on subscription basis with customized, automatic and regular carbon neutral deliveries at home. Our community makes as unique. Our clients are our members and with our united...

503 votes

Votes are closed

26. Peru


Poo Poo Light

There are +200 millions of stray dogs around the world. Animal Shelters are not sustainable because they work over donations. PooPooLight consists of a Business Model of Circular Economy and Scalable Growth in 5 stages, that will make self-sustainable of Shelters, creating products from dog feces.

466 votes

Votes are closed

27. Chile

Puerto Montt


Facilito wants to connect the businesses who want to get ride of their resourses, with someone who can use it giving them value through a transportist,facilitating managenent to the seller,to recyclers or collectors and concentrating the transportation demand to trucks drivers, all with a few clics.

375 votes

Votes are closed

28. Cameroon


Papier ecologique

ECOLOGICAL PAPER is a project to manufacture from banana tree trunks instead of a traditional tree, paper that will serve as cardboard, shopping bags, various packaging and even writing paper to fight against pollution by waste plastics and deforestation.

360 votes

Votes are closed

29. Spain



Damajuana is a Startup made up for 4 women, who want to bring the village closer to the city. Monthly, we offer a subscription of surprise boxes with local products, reusable packaging, eco friendly shipping service.

338 votes

Votes are closed

30. Brazil

Belo Horizonte

Circular Sustentabilidade

Circular is a solution that contributes with the reduction of the Greenhouse Effect. Our platform is composed by certified carbon reduction projects and is integrated with transportation apps, allowing users to compensate their carbon footprint right after a trip.

333 votes

Votes are closed

31. China


Eco Bag

Eco Bag is an O2O system. Consumers scan the QR code to rent or return bags, donate clothing, or purchase bags made and designed by disabled workers. The online platform also hosts an eco-community with events, shops, and e-stores. Users list events based on location unifying the Eco-Bag community.

313 votes

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32. Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur


Creating a loyalty platform to encourage public to reduce disposable waste

305 votes

Votes are closed

33. Comores



We sell Natural Pesticides that are intended for Grande-Comore market garde

257 votes

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34. Colombia



An app that teaches you how to develop software through games and challenges

236 votes

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35. Brazil

São Paulo

Colete Já

Our proposal is promote waste recycling; add value and save costs to waste generators; and improve conditions to recyclers.

165 votes

Votes are closed

36. Peru



We are a startup for grey water treatments, using biochemical products, with zero impact on the environment and leveraging an energy-free process. Our purpose is to provide water and a better quality of life to all people that lack access to water or sanitation services.

156 votes

Votes are closed

37. Brazil



The Sem Saco have focus on sustainability and its main goal is to reduce the usage of plastic bags in retail market. Companies will purchase your Eco Bags , which have QR Code to register its clients. With our app, your clients will have the possibility of accumulate points to exchange for cash back.

139 votes

Votes are closed

38. Chad


Tech Nadafa

The degradation of our ecosystems by waste, which is released into the environment, is the reason for the birth of Tech NADAFA. Our solutions is to offer smart bins called smart cans for systematic collection in real time, for recycling. 100.000€ is enough for an investment of a durable solution.

126 votes

Votes are closed

39. Uganda



Afri-returns is an app that helps to link drivers with under utilized trucks and empty trucks to customers with goods. Which will help reduce fuel wastage, pollution and congestion thus improving efficiency.

125 votes

Votes are closed

40. USA



WeVo is a civic engagement platform designed to help land development and building project stakeholders incorporate community feedback into their projects, reduce paper consumption, conserve resources by managing project risk, analyze public sentiment and predict community response

99 votes

Votes are closed

41. Sweden


Terra Finance

Terra is an app that seamlessly connects with all of your bank accounts and calculates your carbon footprint based on your expenditures. Then we help you invest in green funds with high impact sustainable companies to compensate for your footprint.

74 votes

Votes are closed

42. China


Mighty Farmers

We are here to help Macau’s community reduce carbon footprint and food waste by learning about and growing affordable organic produce. The objective is to provide modular hydroponics systems that fit everyone’s budget and space requirements, along with the development of an app that will connect eve...

60 votes

Votes are closed

43. Madagascar

Nosy Be


Our startup Enbioca wants to produce organic fertilizer from cocoa pods. Cocoa pods represent 60% of the waste in our cities of Nosy Be and Ambanja, which is one of the main producer of cocoa in Madagascar. Some local businesses working in agriculture had already shown interest in our product.

53 votes

Votes are closed

44. Bolivia


New Life

"New Life" is an undertaking that makes an eco-friendly bag from the old clothes of our cabinets, to reduce the second biggest pollution problem in the world "Discarded clothes". The New Life bag among its characters with a QR code to reward people who join the cause of saving the planet using a Bio...

45 votes

Votes are closed

45. Indonesia



We turn plastic waste into highly valuable goods and furnitures

39 votes

Votes are closed

46. Germany


Active Giving

Active Giving is an ecosystem for engaged runners, non-profits and corporations to join forces in order to create positive awareness and meaningful impact around social and environmental causes.

30 votes

Votes are closed

47. India



In India, Online food delivery contributes to almost 2M orders per day and they generate a huge number of plastic waste that is used in packaging. What we intend to do is, replace existing packing system with reusable containers thereby reducing the plastic waste. Tie up with food delivery companies...

8 votes

Votes are closed

How it works ?

After all the 50 local editions of this GSWSR, there is a global competition online with great global prizes to win!
This competition takes place for the 1st winning team of each local edition.

1. Public vote

Votes are open between July 2nd to July 13th, here on this website, to select 20 projects

2. Jury vote

Our global jury will evaluate the 20 preselected projects, between July 14th and July 17th, to select 5 projects

3. Winners announcement

We announce the 5 global winning teams on July 18th 2019!
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